How to wet block crochet pieces


Blocking a crochet piece helps to give it a better shape and sets the stitches in that shape. It can also smooth out wrinkles, crooked rows, and other minor imperfections in your project.

I don’t often block my crochet projects, but this last baby blanket I designed has a beautiful bordered edge that really stand out with the help of blocking.

Wrapped in :Love Baby Blanket crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Design

There are many ways to block a finished crochet item. Which method you choose may depend on the type of yarn you used and the size and structure of your project.

When using cotton yarn, you have several blocking methods to choose from. An easy blocking method is Wet Blocking. Here are some easy steps.

Wet Blocking

How to wet block crochet pieces by Little Monkeys Design

  1. Using a blocking board or a large piece of cardboard (such as a box opened up), pin blanket to board, making corners square and sides straight. I often measure as I go to make sure I’m blocking the piece to the correct size.
  2. With a water filled spray bottle, spray with water until very wet. Leave to dry.
  3. Once it is completely dry, remove pins and take blanket off board.

Blocking cotton crochet pieces by Little Monkeys Design

Blocking your crochet piece isn’t too hard and can often make a huge difference in the finished appearance.

Wrapped in Love Baby Blanket by Little Monkeys Design creamsicle