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Advance Crochet Course



You have always admired fancy crochet projects, but have been hesitant to try them. They looks SO complex and WAY beyond your skill level.

You have tried working crochet stitches beyond the basic stitches, but immediately felt in over your head. Your project looked nothing like the pattern picture.


I’m here to help!

Hi! I’m Angela, your professional crochet instructor.

As I work with crochet students from all over the world, I often hear –  “Oh, I could never do that!”


Believe me, if I can do this, you can too!
You just need a friend in your corner to help you along the way.

That is exactly why I created the Advance Crochet Course.

Advance Crochet is a complete, in depth, master course to help you TRULY understand and master crochet stitches beyond the basic beginner stitches. I will hold your hand and walk you through every step of the way with instructional videos, patterns, projects, and an amazing community of crocheters just like you.

**Please visit Mastering Crochet to purchase or learn more about the Advance Crochet course.

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The Advance Crochet Course will teach you 16 “fancy” crochet stitches, plus tricks and tips you will need to become a professional crocheter.

The easy to follow, step by step lessons will have you working lacy, textured, and unique crochet stitches like a pro, very quickly! Each module teaches you a new crochet stitch, creating a practice square that you will then add to your Conversation Piece Sampler Blanket.

As requested by many – this course will teach you to read written patterns, how to increase/decrease your project size, and decide what type of crochet stitches to use for your next project.

Need a gift for someone special? Give the gift of learning – the Beginning or Advance Crochet Course.

**Visit my other website – Mastering Crochet – to learn more about the Beginning and Advance Crochet Course. **