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Mountain Merino Chunky Yarn – Sheridan – Night


Mountain Merino™ chunky 102yd/100g/3.5oz
A durable 3-ply yarn with a higher twist coupled with true merino softness.


All natural Mountain Merino chunky wool yarn works up quickly and is deliciously soft to the touch.

Mountain Merino yarn is 100% merino wool from sheep that graze in Wyoming, USA. The wool is cleaned and spun using bio-degradable soaps and non-petroleum spinning oil, and dyed using non toxic, earth friendly dyes.

This wool is grown, spun, and dyed in USA. Sustainable!

About the Yarn:

Night is a beautiful hand-dyed yarn of a blue/green/yellow/brick/purple color mix.

Sheridan is a great 3-ply chunky weight yarn – perfect for thicker knit or crochet projects – including, but not limited to, blankets, hats, and scarves.

See Crochet Patterns for ideas.

Each skein is 102yd/100g/3.5oz.

“Fibers for our roving and yarn are washed and spun with biodegradable, vegetable-based soaps and oils rather than petroleum-based products. No chemicals are used to bleach, shrink-proof or moth-proof the yarn. This gentle process preserves the natural qualities of the wool. Our yarn is ultra soft and has a wonderful feel. We are proud to bring you this very fine product grown on the high plains of Wyoming.”  –  Mountain Meadow Wool Mill